Makin’ Bacon Easy to Use and Stay Fresh Longer

I love to use bacon in my recipes and even just to have a couple slices for breakfast.  The problem is I would have to cook the whole package at once or risk it going bad before I could finish the package.  I have a solution…thanks to my mom (hi, Mom!) She taught me this great trick.  Here’s what you do: When you open the package to cook a piece or two, lay the rest of the strips out on a parchment-lined cookie sheet so they are not touching each other.  Pop that tray in the freezer for an hour.  When the bacon is frozen, pull the strips off one at a time and place them into a gallon zip-top freezer bag.  Store the bag o’ bacon in the freezer.  Now, you can easily pull out a strip ONE AT A TIME if you want, and they won’t go bad before you can use them…easy as sliding off a greasy log backward!

*Bonus: They are much less messy/slimy to handle this way too!

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  • Tracy - August 20, 2019 - 1:07 pm
    Sheer Genius! Love this because when I do cook an entire package of bacon to "save for later"....I may or may not have eaten the rest of the package Ö Just sayin'.....Ü


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