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What lens should you get first?

The question I get asked most often is What lens should I buy first? There are so many lenses on the market and when you are just starting out, most of the information sounds like another language.  Your first lens should do it all at an affordable cost. It should be fast, versatile, and good for most lighting conditions. It should also be small enough that you don’t mind carting it out and about while you are learning to use you camera.  My recommendation is for the lens I still use most often after 10 years as a professional photographer…even though I have lenses that cost 10 times as much! If you haven’t already bought a camera/kit lens combo, I would suggest that you buy just the camera body and not the kit lens, and get THIS lens instead…

Which camera lens should you buy first for great photos indoors and out? 5 reasons to get this lens! #photomunch #photographylessons

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